Tray Bien

Tray Bien: Original

Beautiful dishwasher-safe Tray Bien tray. Effortlessly holds 6 drinks, including pint glasses and wine glasses. Made in the USA out of a phenolic material and coated with a wood laminate: cherry on one side and mahogany on the other. 2-inch wide laser engraving of the Tray Bien logo. 3 different grips to accommodate different forearm lengths. Serve beverages with style and ease!

Tray Bien: Black (non-skid)

Tray Bien: Black is the newest edition of the Tray Bien tray, featuring:

  • a non-skid rubber surface on the center of the tray to hold even more than six glasses
  • rubber grips by the hand-holds for comfort
  • rubber inside the rims of the holes to further lock glasses in place
  • rubber stackers on the underside for easy stacking and propping the tray up so that the tray is easier to load and pick up off a table

Perfect for the restaurant, bar, or club! Introduced at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show.  Manufactured in the USA out of dishwasher-safe plastic and rubber. 3 different grips to accommodate different forearm lengths.